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Manual Coffee Maker

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  • This is the lightest, most versatile and easiest to carry handheld pressure coffee maker. You are sure to enjoy a delicious espresso anywhere, anytime. It is easily cleaned by simply rinsing it under a tap. You can clean it straight away after use or take it home to clean. It will not be damaged either way.
  • Easy to use, just pour in the water and coffee, and then press the bar. No need for batteries or electric power.
  • This portable coffee machine is designed to take any type of ground coffee. A finer grind is recommended for the best result after using the pump. It's a simple and practical machine, and simply makes the absolute best espresso! Great choice for a gift!
  • 100ml water tank capacity for the espresso machine. It only makes the espresso. It does not store or heat the water. You will need a source of heated water.
  • Have a doubt? If you don't like this product, get a 100 % REFUND 15 days after delivery!
  • Average delivery time is about 15 days.